Sebastian Olzanski Talks About His Hit Single “For You”

    Join me as I interview the talented Sebastian Olzanski. He talks about his latest hit single "For You," how he stays humble in this industry, and what he wants his fans to remember him for. Check out the full interview up on my YouTube channel.   If you enjoyed my interview like, share,... Continue Reading →

Erin Willett Talks “The Voice” and Her Latest Single “Hope’s Alive”

      Erin Willett first got her start on "The Voice," during her time on the show, her father was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Willett opened up about her father, "The Voice," and why it was important for her to write her single, "Hope's Alive". Check out the full interview up on my YouTube... Continue Reading →

Kitty Bungalow’s CATstravaganza Red Carpet Coverage   Kitty Bungalow Red Carpet Coverage - Join me on the red carpet of this CATstravaganza as I chat with some of the cast: Fred Willard (“Modern Family”), Bethany Joy Lenz (“One Tree Hill”), Carla Jimenez (“The Mick”), Tyler Hilton (“One Tree Hill”), Nicole Sullivan (Black-ish) about Kitty Bungalow. Stay tuned till the... Continue Reading →

Latino singer-songwriter Pepe Aguilar Spotted at Universal Studios Hollywood

Latino singer-songwriter Pepe Aguilar and his family, Angela (daughter), Aneliz (daughter), Leonardo (son), and Aneliz (wife), enjoyed an action-packed day at Universal Studios Hollywood on Monday, February 5, 2018. Photo Credit: Ron Mateo / Universal Studios Hollywood 

LEYÓ Talks About His Latest Single “Savor A Mi”

    Singer and songwriter LEYÓ is at it again! The singer has partnered up with artist J2  for a collaboration of the beloved classic, "Savor A Mi."   This song holds such a significant place in LEYÓ's heart.   "Growing up my tía and my mom would play it. We would hear it at... Continue Reading →

Mason Ashley Talks About Her New EP

  Mason Ashley crafts lyrics that tell a timeless story that captures raw emotion, and then sings with an enchanting voice that takes the listener to another time and place. She is at the start of a blossoming career with a maturity well beyond her years.  To watch more of my interviews head over to... Continue Reading →

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