Sebastian Olzanski Talks About His Hit Single “For You”

    Join me as I interview the talented Sebastian Olzanski. He talks about his latest hit single "For You," how he stays humble in this industry, and what he wants his fans to remember him for. Check out the full interview up on my YouTube channel.   If you enjoyed my interview like, share,... Continue Reading →

Emily Perry Talks New Music

Emily Perry is a talented singer/ songwriter whose songs continue to climb the Billboard charts. Watch our full interview on my YouTube channel to learn about Emily's new music and how she got started in the industry. If you enjoyed my interview, like, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow me on social... Continue Reading →

Get To Know The Guys Of “Forever In Your Mind”

"Forever In Your Mind" is a boy band that first came about on the "X Factor," four years later and they are one of the biggest boy bands. Liam, Ricky, and Emery explain their creative process when they get together to make new music, the craziest thing a fan has done and much more. Watch... Continue Reading →

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