When one brother is diagnosed with a shattering illness, another brother is forced to

face his demons as the family struggles to pick up the pieces and stay together in this

powerful portrait of love and what it means to truly care for each other



Director / Producer Ernesto Quintero strongly believes in projects of social relevance and

utilizes his skill in video and film to advocate positive change. Ernesto has been

documenting A Sacred Journey, a story of his brother’s fight with Amyotrophic Lateral

Sclerosis (ALS) since his diagnosis in 2005. In 2013, he decided to edit this heartfelt

journey locking picture in May 2019 and winning Best Film at DOCUTAH International

Film Festival 2019.


In addition to pointing the camera on his brother, Ernesto most recently traveled the

world working with Jennifer Lopez (JL) on Dance Again a documentary featuring JL on

her first ever world tour. As second unit director, Ernesto got to see the world through

his lens, traveling to 40 countries in 4 months. On this same tour Ernesto, directed JL’s

ten dancers and came back to produce six episodes of A Step Away, a docu-series for

NUVO TV. Ernesto is prepared to direct, produce, shoot or edit, but most importantly,

Ernesto has a knack for story and heart that allows him to capture emotions. Quintero is

bringing light to exceptional stories that otherwise are going unnoticed and his work is

unmistakably poignant and recognized by many. His other awards include the Imagen

Award for Outstanding Stage Production for “Veteranos: A legacy of Valor” (2000), a

nomination for Outstanding Made-for-TV Documentary Producer for an Alma Award for

Warrior of the Court (2007), Imagen Award for the PBS national television series Voces

(2007), Cine Golden Eagle Award for Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano (2007) and a

NAMIC award for the mun2 Hookup (2008). Of his awards and honors Quintero says, “It

is nice to know that the social relevant projects I am a part of are getting attention, but I

still feel that there’s so much work to be done.” To learn more about Ernesto’s work

please visit:




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