National Geographic kicked off summer 2019 with it’s annual TCA panel. This years

lineup, will take you to unchartered waters, play tricks on your brain, and leave you

feeling as if you can tackle the impossible.


“Uncharted” – Gordon Ramsay’s latest venture “Uncharted” will explore the world of

adventure and cuisine. Ramsay will take viewers on a cooking excursion to showcase

how others live and eat around the world.


“Brain Games” – Keegan – Michael Key is the latest host of the reimaged series, “Brain

Games.” The show promises to explore the inner workings of one’s mind, and with a star-

studded season, you won’t want to miss it.


“Dog Impossible” – Matt Beisner is a dog behavior specialist who will take viewers on an

inspirational story of life, love, and man’s best friend. Beisner believes everyone is

worthy of a second chance, even in impossible situations.


For more information, or to check out any of the shows above, head on over to

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