Universal Studios Hollywood Welcomes “The First Purge” to Halloween Horror Nights, Inspired by Universal Pictures’ Blockbuster Thriller




Behind every tradition lies a revolution. This year, “Halloween Horror Nights” at

Universal Studios Hollywood bears witness to “The First Purge” with an all-new maze

based on Universal Pictures’ all-new thriller that unleashed the country’s inaugural

government-sanctioned lawlessness, making all crime legal once a year for 12 hours.

“Halloween Horror Nights” begins on Friday, September 14, 2018.

The First Purge is now in theatres.


Murder, mayhem and pandemonium are alive and well every year as the annual

Purge grips the country, suspending all police, fire and emergency services for 12

consecutive hours as law abiding citizens are transformed into anarchists. Inspired by

The First Purge—the movement that began as a simple experiment, this terrifying new

“Halloween Horror Nights” maze aligns with the film in establishing the motives that

launched the country into chaos.


“The First Purge” maze will reimagine the movie’s premise, greeting guests with pure

unadulterated fear as it brings to life the turmoil spawned by vigilantes. It will place

guests at the heart of a controversial sociological experiment empowered by the New

Founding Fathers of America’s (NFFA) desire to purge the nation of all hatred and

crime by, ironically, permitting crime to take place as a means of ridding society of all



Guests will be at the mercy of luck and speed as they attempt to outsmart and outlive

the anarchy.


“Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood brings together the sickest

minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of

terror. Featuring an all-new slate of unrivaled film production quality mazes, frightful

scare zones and a fully re-imagined “Terror Tram” experience uniquely themed to

today’s most definitive horror properties, “Halloween Horror Nights” will taunt,

terrorize and torment guests with spine-chilling haunted attractions as part of

Southern California’s most extreme Halloween experience.


Updates on “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Hollywood are available

online at HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Hollywood.


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