Two Neighbors – Bringing people together through fashion


Two Neighbors is a Palestinian-Israeli fashion brand dedicated to bringing two

countries together.


This brand unites Israelis and Palestinians who wish to set conflict aside and work

together. With the conflict between these two countries, Two Neighbors brings hope

that one day, these two countries can put their differences aside.


Whit Jones and Andy McCluskey are the creators behind Two Neighbors. They have

both had successful careers in business and wanted to find a way to give back.


“After many meetings, [they] decided that the best way for [them] to make a positive

impact would be to demonstrate [their] willingness to work together to create

products that integrate [their] different cultures.”


Through this brand, they have been able to create jobs, and extend a pathway of peace

through fashion. To find out more information about Two Neighbors, check out their

website and shop their products.


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