LEYÓ Talks About His Latest Single “Savor A Mi”




Singer and songwriter LEYÓ is at it

again! The singer has partnered up with

artist J2  for a collaboration of the

beloved classic, “Savor A Mi.”


This song holds such a significant place

in LEYÓ’s heart.


“Growing up my tía and my mom would play it. We would hear it at weddings because

somebody always requested it. Now that I’m grown, when I listen to the lyrics there so

simple but I understand why people love this song. It has simple lyrics but it has so much

depth to it. It just brings back so many



LEYÓ admits that life has a way of working things out. He reveals that the

collaboration with J2 happened organically.


“I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason. I met J2 through my publicist. When

we met, he told me that he heard one of my songs and he needed the right voice for this

particular song. When I first heard the song I knew exactly what to do with it. After he

heard the first take, he said ‘let’s do this!’


“J2 was just amazing, and the

production that he created was

amazing. I am a big fan of

his work and just the fact that he

brought me along for this ride, I was

super excited.”


LEYÓ is also working on new music

that will showcase him as a person and an



“I have some projects coming up. I am working on recording and editing my album that

is going to be coming out. Throughout this journey, I learned exactly where I want to be

and who I am. I am finalizing everything and working on new songs that will definitely

show who I am as a vocalist, and as a Latino. I want to be an artist that has songs of



LEYÓ is looking forward to letting fans in, and giving them a better understanding

of his journey as an artist, until then, you can catch his latest single, “Savor A Mi”

featuring J2 on sale now!




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