Dave Belvederi Reveals His Journey To Becoming An Actor




Dave Belvederi is a triple threat! He is an actor, writer, and a stuntman who is

currently starring in his latest film, “Rogue Hunter.”


Belvederi plays a man named Alex Phoenix who is a “Rogue Hunter, a cyborg mercenary

who disposes malfunctioned androids but his next routine mission is interrupted by anti-

technology terrorists. Alex is a guy that is stuck in his own mind, he’s always acting like he

has better things to do or better places to be, and of course, a great sense of humor which

creates a funny conflict with his good friend Sergeant Barnes. I had a huge deal of fun

shooting, especially because the role was physically demanding. I just love it when there is

     pain and sweat into the performance.” Headshot-Dave-Belvederi-02


Long before Belvederi was slaying bad guys on

screen, he was an accountant who was drawn to the

world of filmmaking and therefore, found himself

transitioning from accountant to actor.


“The transition came back in 2012 when me and a bunch

of friends decided to make our own little short movie to escape the boredom of an everyday

job. Initially, I was supposed to  direct but one of the roles was vacant and the project was

shot in English so I ended up taking the role, only then I realized I actually loved being in

front of the camera; the gist of it all is that acting made me realize what I really was, it

changed me, it ripped me apart and carved me again and again, the funny thing is that it

keeps doing it. The thing that addicts me to this profession is that I can finally let my

imagination run free without any boundaries, without being judged and nothing can

replace that.”


Shortly after realizing what he was meant to do, Belvederi left his native hometown

of Bologna Italy to pursue an acting workshop in New York City which eventually

led him to Los Angeles.


“Soon after we wrapped our short film, I ended taking an acting workshop at this American

University. Shortly after that, I applied for a scholarship then I moved to NY for a one year

program. It was an amazing experience and I did very well, the city itself changed me so

much, so the school decided to expand my scholarship to pursue a degree and that led to

Los Angeles where I now reside.”


Though he worked hard to make his dreams come true, there were a few obstacles

he faced along the way, and he continues to deal with them today.


“Well, I think the most persisted obstacle that I still face from time to time is networking, I

usually don’t speak that much, I’m more of a “doer” than a talker even though having this

skill often opens up a lot of good opportunities.” 




Dave Belvederi is a

remarkable talent who

can act, write, and

perform his own

stunts. However, he

simply wants to be

remembered as someone who filled people’s

lives with entertainment.


“My dream would be to go down as a guy that was able to mark people’s childhoods and

moments. For example, for me it Ewan McGregor in “Star Wars” or Tom Cruise in the

“Mission Impossible Saga”; but, I would settle for a man that was able to entertain at his

best, you know simple.”

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