Lisa Vanderpump Explains Her Road to Yulin

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.11.09 PM
Lisa Vanderpump talks about her short documentary “The Road to Yulin,” which details
her march to China for the Yulin Dog Meat  Festival, an annual festival where thousands
of dogs are tortured, killed, and eaten. It’s a major tear-jerker,but an important issue to
become aware of.
“The Road to Yulin” is an in depth look at the dichotomy between the empathetic,
companionship-based human/canine relationships exhibited in many countries, and the
horrific and brutal interactions that dogs face in parts of the world that have an
unrestrained dog meat trade. Often, humankind’s capacity for love and compassion
can only be rivaled by its capacity for cruelty, hatred, and despicable actions. Exploring
the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival, the documentary highlights the torture and neglect
that dogs are exposed to on their journey through the insidious dog meat trade. The
documentary features the new Chinese culture of activism, The Vanderpump Dog
Foundation’s involvement in ending the festival, and provides solutions as to what one
can do to help end the torture. Watch the full interview up on my YouTube channel.

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