Alex Kahuam Is A Talented Young Filmmaker On The Rise!

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Alex Kahuam is a talented young filmmaker on the rise! He started his career off at just 12 years old. Kahuam fondly remembers his first film experience.


“It was really cool. At that time I didn’t know how to shoot anything. I didn’t know how to use a camera or work with actors. I fell in love with it as soon as I got the camera, and started creating ideas. I really enjoy it. Since then, I just kept going and never stopped.”


Kahuam was born in Mexico City, and he is the 3rd generation of a Lebanese family who established themselves in Mexico. He had a normal upbringing, and no one in his family was in the entertainment industry. However, Kahuam found himself drawn to filmmaking.


“I come from parents that have nothing to do with art. My dad is a doctor, and my mom is a lawyer. They’re very traditional.”


Kahuam currently has a new film coming out on VOD in September 2017, entitled “ So, You Want To Be A Gangster.” It was originally created as a short film and was entered in the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. While trying to write his next film, he found himself writing the full length version of “So, You Want To Be A Gangster.”


“Writing the script was an accident. I was writing the remake of a film I did in Mexico. I got to page 20 or 25, and I was like oh, this looks like the short film, but now I’m getting deeper into the story.”



Although Kahuam is finding success as a writer, he came across a few obstacles along the way. However, he creates his determination and willingness to go after his dreams as the reason for his success. He hopes that people will remember him as someone who was passionate, persistent, and patient.


“I would love for people to remember me as a filmmaker that doesn’t give up. I’m very stubborn in the sense that when someone tells me I can’t, I will do it. I want to be remembered as a filmmaker who is always fighting for the film, making creative films, and never giving up.”



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