Luis Da Silva Jr

Luis Da Silva Jr. is a powerhouse, first making his way on to our television for his infamous Nike commercial, in which he was the youngest non-NBA athlete to be signed and appear in a Nike ad.


Now, this athlete, turned actor, is a children’s author. There is no stopping this powerhouse anytime soon. Although Silva has had a successful career, he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from explaining, “I grew up in Elizabeth New Jersey. A small working-class community about eight miles outside of New York City. My father came to this country with my grandmother and his siblings at the age of six. I am the first generation born here… I think keeping in mind where I came from, helps me with a stronger foundation of where I am going. It puts things in perspective. Everything is a blessing, and anytime things get hard, someone out there is having a harder time. My hometown is a reminder,” said Silva.

He is very family oriented, expressing how his family has been his biggest support system. “Oh man! It’s everything! Before I got into this industry, back paddling some, I had a basketball background and before that my best supporters and my best friends were my mother and father…They have been there since day one, so it’s my foundation.”

Although he never dreamed of a career in the spotlight, he explains how basketball was his escape. “Well, growing up in the inner cities, basketball was a huge sport. Especially outside of New York City where football wasn’t as prominent because of the different things and elements it takes to play football. A lot of urban areas do not have the funds for that. But, wherever you go, there is always a basketball court. There is always concrete to dribble on. I adapted to basketball.”

Silva explains the biggest obstacle he had to overcome to achieve the success; he has today. “I think the biggest thing was being so tender in age, not having the experience and the patience. Not knowing that things don’t happen overnight… Success doesn’t always happen overnight. There is always a process. Patience is virtue… It takes time.”

The next obstacles he hopes to face in his career is being able showcasing his humorous side. Contributing his talent to roles that push him outside his normality. “I feel like there is so much more that I could give. I have been portrayed as the new Hollywood bad guy, and I embrace it. I think I also have a comical side and more of a clean cut. I believe that this new movie “The Life and Death of John Gotti” will show that.” He is looking forward to seeing how audiences react to his new role, and how the transition plays out. FullSizeRender

While Silva has played many different roles, actor, athlete, and author. His most significant role is being a father to daughter Zoe’ Aiko Dana Da Silva.
“My greatest role is a father. It has been the most blessed learning experience for me. “

Silva has achieved a lot of success, however, the biggest legacy he wants to be remembered for is being “a loving and caring person, because, at the end of the day, that is all that matters… It’s going to be what you left behind, your personality, and what you did for others,” said Silva.


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