The Summer Fizzle

It’s break up season! That’s right! There is a whole season dedicated to breakups, and everyone seems to be jumping on the “dump wagon”.
Ever wonder why your hot romance seems to fizzle just as summer approaches? Although, there may be many reasons why a relationship can fizzle out, one of the main reasons can be due to the changes in the weather.
According to “Elite Daily,” “being out in the sunshine will scientifically make you a happier person. The sun boosts your levels of vitamin D, which helps to boost your energy levels”.
With all this built up energy, people tend to get restless in their relationships, causing them to seek adventure and explore new options. This allows individuals to mingle with new groups of people they normally wouldn’t interact with.
For whatever reason your love loses its spark, remember you are not alone.  Sure, breakups are never easy, but as the great Nicholas Sparks once said, “People come. People go. They will drift in and out of your life…”
Enjoy your newly found single life, because you never know who things are going to heat up with next.
Picture: Flickr.comTh

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