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Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Danielle Delgado, and I enjoy exploring today’s societal trends with the enthusiasm and passion of a journalist!

My passion for social media and communications grew throughout my college years, in which I learned about the influence the media had on our lives. I attended a press-junket and was blown away by the amazing work that goes into such events: I was hooked!

Opportunities abounded: I learned animation, audio, video editing, data analysis for social media accounts, assembled press kit proposals and planned events within the Greek community. I even got to work with L.M.G. as a social media consultant, specifically working with various high profiled clientele, such as Zoƫ Saldana and Marco Perego.

After leaving Cal State Long Beach with a degree in journalism and communication studies, I struggled to find a place for myself within the entertainment industry, so I created my own platform: Life, Love, and Pop- Culture.

I hope to challenge my career, all while keeping you up to date with the latest in entertainment, and giving you a better understanding of where your favorite celebrities came from, and what they want to be remembered for.


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